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Our Vision

Is to provide an understanding how to secure a critical information resources. Information is a critical asset that organizations and people must secure. If sensitive information falls into wrong hands, then huge losses in terms of finances, reputation and other ways may occure.

Our Story

Our company New Age Technologies (NAT) is a successor of the company established in 2018, NAT have been historicaly focused primarily on environmental technologies.


Since 2020 we have been dealing a lot with the IoT systems problematic, with the artificial intelligence development and Earth observation  data systems  and had to solve related data security problems.


Due to the insufficient number of experts, the company team had to acquire cyber security skills to protect not only the company's own data and the above-mentioned IT solutions, but also started offering these services to cooperating entities.


At the end, Ethical hacking has been such a fun, that whole NAT has been transformed to an full ICT company, providing now services mainly in the field of cybersecurity.

We still runs R&D programs focused on the IoT, Earth Observation systems and the AI development.

The owner and director of our Startup has an significant experience in leading a small companies in the Czech republic legal environment (he is also member of the related OPV s.r.o. company board of directors) and have been leading many national and international project. His main skills lays in coordination, management and strategic planning. 
He has a special passion for cybersecurity of course, 
chemical engineering and IoT technologies, hydrogeology, geophysics, water-food-energy nexus, numerical modelling and AI neural networks with machine learning development.

Experienced Leadership

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