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The New Standard
in Cybersecurity

Real Threats Can’t be Stopped by Software Alone

Let Your Data be Safe and Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Improve your security in the fast-moving world of the information technologies. Our security analysts will support you, work with you, plan a cost-effective customized attack on you, execute the hacks, and provide you trainings and prioritized recommendations for improvements. 

Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Product Testing

Find the Risks. Understand the Consequences. Sleep better.

Red Team Operations, Security Awareness Training

Simulation of a complex attack on the company as a whole with final training & reports for you.

Computer Forensics & Incident Response

Providing computer forensics investigation, risk assessment, auditing, counter fraud and incident responses, information system security best practises.

Social Engineering Testing, Vulnerability Assessment

Social engineering is an extremely effective technique to compromise internal systems, protected information assets and need to be understanded by you.

Warfare & Company Vision 

The term information warfare or InfoAR refers to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for competitive advantages over an opponent. Examples of InfoWar weapons include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, trap doors, nanomachines and microbes, electronic jamming and penetration exploits and tools.

Each form of information warfare consist of defensive and offensive strategies.


New Age Technologies vision is to improve your security awaranes and provide you with the best defensive strategy against all possible attacks on your ICT assets.

 Ready to Secure Your Information?

Reach out and talk to our team for security services, booking inquiries, endorsements, media requests and general questions, by phone, email or the form below. 

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